5 Best Angle Grinders for Wood Carving in 2019

If you are a keen woodworker, you are probably always on the lookout for new tools to improve your pastime and to make the task simpler and more convenient.

While carving wood by hand is possible, using tools to make the job more accurate, simple and rapid is a very attractive idea.

One of the tools that you may want to add to your workshop is an angle grinder.

Although angle grinders are best known for metalworking applications, in fact they can also be used for working with wood as long as you use the right attachment.

The best angle grinder for wood carving can be used for shaping, carving and sanding applications, making the task of removing a lot of wood in a short time much easier.

By choosing an angle grinder that works well with carving and abrasive discs, you can achieve a professional looking result in no time.

If you are looking for the best angle grinder for wood carving, you can take a look at our list of the top five performing models on the market today.

We have outlined all of their main features and specifications so that you can make an informed decision as to the right tool for you.

Top 5 Wood Carving Angle Grinders

1. Makita 9564PC with Paddle Switch

This 4.5″ angle grinder from Makita has 13 amps of power and offers excellent motor protection features to allow for a longer lasting performance.

Its SJS technology includes a mechanical clutch system which guards against damage to the gear and motor while the constant speed control is able to automatically apply extra power to the motor in order to maintain its speed even under load.

With its soft start technology, the start up reaction is suppressed for smoother start ups and a long gear life and the electronic current limiter has been designed to protect the motor from any accidental overloads.

Operating at 10,500 RPM, this unit is lightweight at just 5.3 lbs for easier handling and has been constructed with comfortable ergonomic features allowing it to be used for long periods without causing extra fatigue.

The convenient side handle is able to be installed with ease on either side for ease of use for both right and left handed operators while the wheel guard can be adjusted without tools for easier clamping.


  • Soft start technology for smoother start ups
  • Lightweight at just 5.3 lbs for easier handling
  • Mechanical clutch system protects the motor and gear from damage


  • Bulky to use with one hand
  • Guard does not fully protect the hand so gloves are required

2. Bosch 1873-8 with Rat Tail Handle

This 7 inch angle grinder from the popular Bosch brand features a rat tail handle and is extra versatile thanks to its ability to operate on both DC and AC currents.

With its reinforced armature windings, precision spiral bevel gears, epoxy coated field windings as well as service minder brushes, this tool has been well designed for a long lifespan.

Its vibration control main handle and 3 position control side handles are paired with a slim ergonomically designed shape for extra comfort for the user while its adjustable guard can be altered without the need for any tools for greater convenience.

This insulated and UL listed tool complies to OSHA and offers a high quality experience for all kinds of tasks including woodworking, and as it is protected by an effective 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, the purchaser can have complete peace of mind.


  • 3 position control side handles for easier and safer operation
  • Tool-less adjustable guard for extra convenience
  • Ergonomically designed slim shape


  • Does not come with carrying case
  • Heavier than many other models

3. SKIL 9295-01 6 amp Grinder

With its powerful 6 amp motor that operates at 11,000 RPM, this angle grinder from Skil is capable of taking on your toughest woodworking task.

Thanks to its tool-less guard it is very quick and easy to make adjustments while the gear housing has been made from heavy duty metal for extra durability and ruggedness as well as a longer lifespan.

This tool has been designed with a compact grip design to ensure better user control and greater comfort even when used for an extended period and the handle has been designed to reduce vibrations while having an integrated wrench strap for more convenient usage.

This is a very lightweight tool at just 4 pounds, and is therefore easy to use and to transport between jobsites.


  • Heavy duty metal gear housing for longer lifespan and greater durability
  • Vibration reducing handle for better user control and comfort
  • Tool-less guard for easy and quick adjustments


  • On/off switch is poorly positioned for right handed users
  • Does not feel as solidly constructed as some other models

4. Makita XAG06Z 18V LXT

This high quality angle grinder kit from Makita features automatic speed change technology for optimal performance when adjusting torque and speed during operation.

Its brushless motor eliminates the need for carbon brushes to allow the motor to run more efficiently and cooler for a longer lifespan while delivering 8500 RPM.

The motor is also efficient and is controlled electronically to optimize battery use to double its run time for every charge.

It's also capable of using energy more efficiently to match the RPM and torque to each application’s specific and changing demands.

This tool also boasts an ergonomic and compact design that measures just 14 1/4 inches in length and so is ideal to use in tight spaces and with better user control.

The paddle on/off switch is oversized and flush mounted for easier operation while the integrated LED light show how much charge is left in the battery for better user convenience.


  • Brushless motor for more efficient and cool motor running
  • Oversized on/off paddle switch for easier operation
  • Automatic speed change technology for optimal performance


  • Balance is slightly off for one handed use
  • Heavier than some rival models

5. Drill Master 4 1/2 Inch 120V Angle Grinder

This powerful angle grinder from Drill Master features a rugged and durable 4.3 amp motor which is capable of delivering an RPM of 11000 for faster stock removal.

Ideal for use for a wide range of applications including wood working, this high quality tool has been thoughtfully designed to offer an optimal level of performance.

With its all ball bearing motor, it ensures a long lifespan together with smoother running and its rugged gear case is made from aluminum for a longer life and more robustness even when used for the toughest applications.

This model features a spindle lock for ease of use as well as a 2 position auxiliary handle for better user control and comfort during use.

The carbon brushes are quick and easy to replace and this tool also comes complete with its own wrenches for better value for money.

Weighing just 3.9 pounds, this tool is also very lightweight, making it simple to carry between job sites and to use for extended periods without resulting in excessive user fatigue.


  • 2 position auxiliary handle for even better user comfort and control even during extended periods of use
  • All ball bearing motor for a longer lifespan and smooth running
  • Quick and easy to replace carbon brushes


  • Handle only changes to two positions instead of the 3 offered on some rival models
  • Best suited to lighter duty applications


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