5 Best Barrel Grip Jigsaws of 2019 (Top Picks Reviewed)

If you are passionate about your DIY projects or are looking for a more professional tool to add to your collection, a barrel grip jigsaw should be high on your agenda.

While many people are more used to a top grip jigsaw, most professional woodworkers prefer to use a barrel grip tool as they are able to produce more accurate results.

A barrel grip jigsaw’s motor housing is also the tool’s handle and this lower center of gravity ensures better precision when cutting since it is not guided from above but from behind, making it simpler to follow the line and to keep the shoe stable.

The best barrel grip jigsaw tools also feature a knob on the front allowing the user to control the tool with both of their hands.

While this style of jigsaw can be tricky to use if you have small hands, they are very popular with DIY enthusiasts and are an excellent addition to any toolkit.

If you want to find the best barrel grip jigsaw for you, our list of the five top performing products on the market today will help you to find the ideal product.

We outline all of the key specifications and features to simplify your purchasing decision.

Top 5 Barrel Grip Jigsaws

1. Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jig Saw

For maximum user convenience, the Bosch JS120BN 12-Volt Max Jigsaw is cordless and so can be used in any location without the need to be tied to a power point or use an extension cord.

This reliable tool delivers excellent performance and features an adjustable footplate which permits bevel cuts up to a maximum of 45 degrees for increased cutting precision.

Thanks to its one handed blade ejection and insertion, this is an extremely convenient tool which enables blades to be swapped with ease.

Users with smaller hands can enjoy complete comfort when using this tool as it has a small grip diameter, reducing user fatigue, even when being used for an extended period.

This handy jigsaw even has an integrated onboard bevel wrench storage as well as an exact fit insert tray for user convenience and better organization.


  • One handed blade insertion and ejection
  • Cordless for maximum flexibility and portability
  • Small grip diameter for reduced user fatigue and ease of use for users with smaller hands


  • Comes with no case
  • Running time could be longer

2. Festool 561443 PS 300 EQ

This high quality jigsaw from Festool features a carbide guidance system which ensures the blade remains perpendicular to the shoe for better cutting results even when cutting through thicker materials.

There is also a zero clearance splinterguard which is a single piece insert that enables splinter free, clean cutting.

For added user convenience, there is even a dust extraction channel which has been integrated into the base plate and when coupled with its clear chip deflector it allows for a much cleaner work space and an easier job when tidying up when work is complete.

Thanks to the integrated soft start technology, startup jolts are greatly reduced and thanks to the MMC electronics, the speed is variable depending on the material being cut.

For better user safety and quicker blade changes, the FastFix blade change system is entirely tool free.

This is a very precise cutting tool and it is even more flexible when used in conjunction with the other tools in the Festool range.


  • Zero clearance splinterguard for clean cutting
  • Variable speeds and reduced start up jolts
  • Carbide guidance system


  • No integrated light source so difficult to see when cutting
  • Difficult to follow a scroll cut

3. Makita 4351FCT Barrel Grip Jig Saw

From the popular brand Makita, this barrel grip jigsaw ensures a superior feel with excellent power. Producing lower noise levels and reduced vibration, this is the ideal tool for users who value their comfort during use and who are working in a noise sensitive environment.

To allow for even better accuracy when cutting, this model features an inbuilt LED light so that the user can clearly see their cutting line and thanks to the electronic speed control and variable speed dial, it is possible to adjust the cutting speed between 800 and 2800 SPM for better precision.

Users who want to cut a variety of different materials will appreciate the three different orbital settings and as this tool comes with six blades, a cover plate, tool case, wrench and anti-splintering device, it is well equipped for a variety of tasks.

The tool-less blade change system is extra convenient for the user and the inbuilt dust blower also improves the user’s ability to see their work more clearly.

With a rubberized ergonomically designed grip, it is also possible to get a closer grip to the work surface making this the perfect choice for keen woodworker.


  • Built in LED light
  • Lower noise levels and reduced vibration
  • Ergonomically designed rubberized grip


  • Heavier grip than some other models
  • Poor quality case

4. Milwaukee 6276-21 6.2 Amp Jigsaw

A solid and reliable addition to any workshop, this barrel grip jigsaw from the Milwaukee brand is powerful and sturdy.

As it is powered by a 6.3 amp motor, it is capable of cutting through a broad spectrum of materials without difficulty.

Also thanks to its 1″ blade stroke and four position orbital action, even aggressive cutting can be achieved with ease.

This model features electronic speed control which ensures that blade speed is adequately maintained throughout cutting and there are no less than 8 different settings ranging between 500 and 3000 SPM for excellent versatility.

The anti-splinter device keeps the work piece stable, reducing splintering, while the shoe cover keeps the surface of the work piece well protected from scratching and damage.

The user can enjoy greater comfort of use thanks to the integrated vibration dampening mechanism which also enables smoother operation and the transparent blade cover allows for better dust extraction and an easier cleaning up process after work is complete.

The keyless 45 degree shoe angle adjustment allows for rapid and simple bevels and angle cuts and there is also an inbuilt manifold allowing for vacuum assisted dust collection.


  • Powerful 6.2 amp motor
  • Anti-splinter device for better stability
  • Vibration dampening mechanism for safer and smoother operation


  • Noisier than some of its competitors
  • The plastic barrel grip can be slippery to hold

5. Metabo STA18 LTX 140 Cordless 18V

If you are looking for a very powerful barrel grip jigsaw, this tool from Metabo is a good choice.

Thanks to its VTC electronics it allows for super fast cutting into software to a depth of up to 5.5 inches.

A single battery pack charge can produce a high sawing performance, being able to cutting more than 100 feet of chipboard without needing to be recharged.

This saw also allows a variable speed depending on the type of material being cut and this also enables more precise cutting.

There is also a pendulum stroke as well as a lower lying blade guidance together with spring support.

For better user convenience when switching blades there is also a tool-less blade change function as well as an automatic blade ejection system and the automatic start up system features automatic stroke acceleration on beginning to saw materials for even more user convenience.


  • Cordless tool allows for better portability and flexibility of use
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Variable speed depending on material being cut


  • Lock on switch rather than trigger
  • Battery must be purchased separately


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