Best Chainsaws For Cutting Firewood

A high-quality chainsaw is required if you want to cut firewood or carry out logging on your land. Cutting logs is a very demanding task that necessitates plenty of power – a lot more than is required for trimming or pruning, and therefore you need to be sure that you are selecting the right product to meet your needs. You also need to pay attention to the safety of the model that you are choosing, opting for one that incorporates anti-vibration technology to protect your arms and hands.

The power of the chainsaw’s motor is also very important when it comes to finding the best chainsaw for cutting firewood, although a longer bar is not necessarily recommended except for experienced users because it can make the tool harder to control. A smaller, yet powerful, chainsaw is probably the best choice for most people who are looking for the ideal tool for cutting logs and many of these are very affordable for the average user.

If you are looking for the best chainsaw for cutting firewood, we have outlined five of the best options available on the market today to help you find the perfect product to suit your individual requirements.


Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

Ideal for cutting firewood, the Husqvarna 450 has an X-Torq engine that reduces fuel consumption while lowering harmful emissions. It is equipped with a SmartStart facility for user convenience and its LowVib anti-vibration system helps to guard against operator fatigue and potential injury.

Thanks to the centrifugal air injection air cleaning system, large particles of debris are removed before entering the air filter, cutting down on the need to clean filters while prolonging the engine’s life.

There is easy access to the chain tensioner for better convenience and the felling/bucking spikes give improved leverage through cutting. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the easy access snap-lock cylinder cover which enables the user to quickly access the spark plug and air filter.

If you have a small amount of land and only need to cut logs on an occasional basis, this powerful yet durable chainsaw is equipped with an 18″ bar but can also be used with a 20″ bar if you need to complete tougher tasks.


  • Lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption
  • Lightweight and easy to handle at just 13.4 lbs
  • Choke stop control to eliminate engine flooding problems
  • Robust 3 piece engine crankshaft



  • Best suited to light/occasional use



WORX 18″ Electric Chainsaw – WG304.1

For a lightweight yet robust chainsaw ideally suited to logging, the WORX WG304.1 model is perfect. Ideal for completing easy and quick tasks around the yard, this electrically operated model produces no harmful emissions and requires no ongoing costs for replacing gas.

The all-metal spikes to the base of the bar give improved stability which the easily lubricated sprocket to the bar nose preserves the tool’s longevity.

Safety features have also been incorporated into the design with ergonomic handle control, a chain brake and an automatic kickback stop. The self-lubricating chain and tool free auto tensioning system provides more convenience for the user and makes the saw easier to use, even for an amateur user while eliminating the possibility of over-tightening that could shorten the product’s lifespan. Weighing just over 11 lbs, this chainsaw is also relatively light and easy to handle.


  • Low maintenance
  • No emissions or gas refill costs
  • Tool free auto-tensioning system for long lifespan



  • Must be plugged into a socket and therefore is not convenient for bigger yards



GreenWorks 20322 G-MAX 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Although many people believe that a gas-powered chainsaw is the best choice for cutting logs, in fact this innovative and modern battery powered 16″ cordless chainsaw from GreenWorks is an excellent and powerful choice for use around your yard and land.

As today’s most powerful battery operated chainsaw available for purchase, this well-designed product is modern yet robust, having been designed for long term, comfortable use. Weighing in at just 13.7 pounds, it is also relatively lightweight and maneuverable when cutting logs under 14 inches, and is portable enough to use at distance from the workshop.

The brushless motor technology gives an 80% longer lifespan as well as 30% increased torque and this model is much quieter than similar gas powered models with the extra convenience of being zero maintenance with no messy refills or ongoing expenses. Safety features have also been incorporated into the design thanks to a low kickback chain and chain brake.


  • Battery operated motor allows for cordless use away from the workshop
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Long lifespan
  • Good safety features



  • Must wait for battery to recharge between uses
  • Can only cut logs up to 14 inches



Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

Operating at 50cc, this powerful chainsaw will make light work of cutting trees and logs at an affordable price. The pull start system is effortless and easy to use while the handle has been specially designed to reduce vibrations for reduced operator fatigue and better safety.

The DuraLife engine has been created with longevity in mind and the SuperClean air filtration system prolongs the life of the air filter and engine.

User convenience has been borne in mind with this model thanks to the easy air filter and spark plug access which requires no tools, the on board scrench holder and the automatic chain oiling system.

This is one of the most powerful chainsaws designed for home use on the market today, yet weighing just 10 pounds it is light enough to allow for greater maneuverability and easier handling, even by amateurs. Equipped with a 20″ bar, this chainsaw is able to deal with medium sized logs with ease.


  • The most powerful home use chainsaw on the market
  • SuperClean air filter for longer lifespan
  • Effortless pull start system
  • Convenient self-oiling chain



  • Gas operated design requires ongoing expenses for refills
  • Not ideal for cutting very thick logs



Remington RM5118R Rodeo 51cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

Perfect for cutting firewood, this two cycle 18″ gas-powered chainsaw from Remington is an affordable choice for even inexperienced users, capable of handling even heavy duty tasks on your land. Operating at 51cc, this powerful model features an 18″ low kickback bar for a more reliable start up in all kinds of weather and QuickStart technology for easier pull starts in all conditions.

Operation is much more comfortable thanks to the front and rear anti-vibration handles which also improve safety for the user, and the pro-grade sprocket and crankcase and die case chassis are very strong, being durable and robust for an extra long lifespan. Suited to a wide range of yard tasks from trimming trees to clearing debris, the Rodeo can handle even tough jobs, cutting with ease through even thicker logs.

Convenient to use, this model also features an automatic, adjustable oiler for consistent levels of lubrication as well as bucking spikes to allow for more controlled cutting. This product also comes protected by a manufacturer’s two year warranty for complete peace of mind and comes fully assembled for the user’s ultimate convenience, together with its own protective carrying case for better storage.


  • Operates at 51cc for extra power when cutting firewood
  • QuickStart technology ensures an easier pull start in all conditions
  • Durable and robust crankcase and chassis
  • Adjustable automatic oiler for constant lubrication



  • Hassle of having to mix oil and fuels can lead to mess and leaks
  • Ongoing maintenance and gas refills


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