Best Chainsaws For Milling

Milling is one of the toughest possible tasks for any chainsaw, so if this is something that you require from your tools you need to be certain that you are selecting the appropriate product to meet your needs. In order to effectively mill lumber, you will need to have a minimum bar length of 20 inches and a minimum cc capacity of 50. A specialized ripping chain is also an advantage, especially if you are cutting thick pieces or hardwoods.

When it comes to choosing the best chainsaw for milling, the more powerful your machine the better in order to ensure that you can perform the task quickly and easily without any risk of damaging your chainsaw or getting it stuck in the wood. While some of the best products are at the higher end of the market, there are also some models which can fit into a lower budget, so there is certain to be an ideal saw for you.

Here, you can find our list of five of the top selling chainsaws for milling with all of the essential features outlined so that you can quickly and easily determine which is the perfect model to suit your requirements and make an informed purchasing choice.


New HUSQVARNA 460 Rancher 24″ 60.3cc 3.2Hp Gas Powered Chain Saw XTorq Chainsaw

While this is a mid-sized chainsaw, it is perfectly adequate for most milling tasks. Robust and durable, this model is ideal for all-round cutting jobs and can handle even the most demanding of tasks when increased power is necessary for a long guide bar.

This model is equipped with an X-Torq engine that offers a high torque over a wider RPM range. With an ergonomically designed body, the user can enjoy easier handling, despite the powerful nature of this cutting tool.

There are also many other excellent features that set this well constructed machine apart from the crowd, including the Smart Start facility for easier start ups, Air Injection, LowVib for decreased vibration and better user safety and comfort during use, an inertia activated chain brake for increased safety and a combined choke/stop control.

With a 24″ chain and bar, this chainsaw is long enough to handle even thicker and denser woods. As it is gas-powered, this chainsaw is also ideal for cutting jobs away from the home or workshop.


  • LowVib facility for better user comfort and safety
  • Ergonomically designed body for better handling
  • Smart Start facility for an easier start up process



  • The long bar may bother some people



Echo CS-590 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Although this model is not from one of the better-known brands, it is produced to a very high standard and with an intelligent design. Robust and durable, this model is still lighter than some of the other options on the market which makes it easier to handle, especially during tough cutting.

The filter access has been well designed for easier and quicker access while the chain stay is made from metal plates for a longer lifespan, and thanks to its simple design, any modifications or replacements are easy to carry out.

This machine ensures an easy start up in all conditions thanks to the integrated decompression valve that makes pulling the starting rope much easier, while the powerful motor (operating at 59.8 cc) offers adequate torque for easy cutting with no kickback for increased user safety.

The 20″ supplied bar is of an adequate length to cut with ease however it is also compatible with several other bar sizes up to 27″ for extra versatility. This model is also competitively priced, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to mill wood on a budget.


  • Durable and robust construction for a long lifespan
  • No kickback for extra safety
  • Integrated decompression valve for easier start ups



  • Not from a well-known brand



Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Carrying Case

This well constructed chainsaw is gas powered, allowing for the user to cut and mill wood away from the home or workshop for added convenience. It has been well designed, featuring a pull start system which allows for effortless starts in all conditions and a low vibration handle which cuts back on operator fatigue and ensures improved comfort and safety during use.

The 50cc DuraLife engine has a long lifespan and some of the other excellent features include the Dual Post, Purge and Spring Assist and aluminum clutch cover.

There is also a SuperClean air filter system which increases the lifespan of the air filter and lengthens the time between changes, and an automatic chain oiling system for improved convenience and lower ongoing maintenance.

The access to the spark plug and air filter can be achieved without tools for optimal user convenience and the on board scrench holder is also very convenient. This product even comes with its own carrying case for safer storage and easier transportation.


  • Convenient pull start system for easy start ups
  • Low vibration handle for reduced operator fatigue
  • SuperClean air filtration system for longer lifespan



  • Can be slow during milling tasks
  • Gas powered operation means for inconvenient and expensive refills



Makita EA6100P53G 20″ 61 cc Chain Saw

Produced by well-known and popular brand Makita, this 20″ 61cc chain saw is easy to start up thanks to its spring-assisted starter and its optimized engine management.

Operating at 4.6 HP, this powerful machine produces lower levels of harmful emissions and has improved fuel efficiency thanks to its Startified Air Scavenging engine, making it better for the environment as well as cheaper to maintain and run in the long term.

Despite its power, this model only weighs 13.2 lbs as it features magnesium housing, making it easier to handle, and yet is very robust and durable for a long lifespan. This saw also has a heavy-duty cartridge air filtering system for a longer filter life.

It operates at 13,800 for an incredibly effective cutting performance although it produces fewer vibrations than many of its competitors, making it more comfortable and safe to use. There are also many excellent safety features including a Touch & Stop single-lever facility which ensures an immediate shut off. The chain compartment can easily be cleaned for optimal convenience of use.


  • Lightweight magnesium housing for easier handling
  • Improved fuel efficiency and lower emission levels
  • Operates at 4.6 HP for extra power
  • Touch & Stop immediate shut off facility for extra safety



  • Gas powered operation means ongoing maintenance and messy and expensive refills



Timberpro 62cc Petrol Chainsaw

This powerful gas operated chainsaw operates at 62cc for extra power when milling wood. With its air cooled two stroke engine, it is robust and strong enough to handle tough tasks and its 20 inch bar and chain is long enough to cut through even hardwoods.

The alloy starting mechanism ensures easier start ups in all conditions thanks to its assisted start mechanism and it has been produced to a high-quality design for both domestic and professional use.

This model is also protected by a two year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind and it even comes complete with its own carrying bag for easier storage and improved portability, two chains and an inclusive tool kit.

This saw also features an automatic chain lubrication system for lower maintenance and better user convenience while the side mounted chain tensioner ensures easy access. This is a very affordable product that is ideal for anyone milling wood on a budget.


  • Assisted starting mechanism for easier start ups
  • Comes complete with carrying bag and tool kit
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty



  • Gas powered operation requires ongoing maintenance and ongoing refill costs
  • Some plastic parts