Best Metal Cutting Circular Saws

If you are buying a circular saw, you need to be certain that you are choosing the right type of blade to suit the type of material that you intend to cut. Not only will you require a different kind of blade for cutting metal to that needed when cutting wood, you should also have a different type of circular saw for the purpose.

Wood cutting circular saws feature an open motor housing while metal cutting ones feature a collection bin which prevents the chips of metal from entering the machine. Different blades are also required to cut different types of metal, with carbide tipped blades being the best choice for non-ferrous materials like lead, copper and aluminum. A carbide tipped blade will also have a longer lifespan than steel ones.

If you are cutting thinner metals you will also require a higher tooth count on your blade, with a lower count required for thicker metals. Whether you are an amateur looking for the best metal cutting circular saw or a professional looking for a high quality piece of equipment, we have listed five the top rated products here along with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision.


Evolution EVOSAW180HD 7-1/4-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw

Able to cut through mild steel cleanly without any coolant, burrs or heat, cuts mild steel clean without heat, burrs or coolant, this high quality metal cutting saw from the Evolution brand is powerful thanks to its 15 amp 1100 watt motor.

Operating at a horsepower of 2.25 and with a no load RPM of 3900, this tool offers a bevel tilt which can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. Well-constructed from high quality and robust materials, this product also features blade guards for better user safety.

This saw also has the highest grade strength for cutting metal available on the market today and when cutting steel, it can cut from cold without any coolant, allowing it to be worked on straight away. Thanks to its strong 40 tooth carbide tipped blade, this tool is also able to outperform abrasives, with a faster cutting speed and a much longer lifespan. This product also comes with a manufacturer’s three year warranty for the purchaser’s complete peace of mind.


  • 3 year warranty
  • Adjustable bevel tilt
  • Cuts from cold for immediately handling



  • No supplied manual
  • Can be messy to use



Milwaukee 6370-21 13 Amp 8-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

This metal cutting saw offers impressive metal cutting at an affordable price. Cooler and faster than many of its competitors, this tool shears through metal with virtually no sparks and produces burr-free cool scorch-free edges which require no post-cut finishing.

Thanks to the integrated magnesium blade shield, all metal savings are effectively contained and the cool cutting technology allows for immediately handling following cutting.

This machine is powerfully driven by a 13 amp 3700 RPM motor and thanks to the sharp teeth, it can cut through even tougher materials instantly, with even extreme cuts through 3/4″ steel plate being possible. The metal cutting blades supplied with this tool have a much longer lifespan (up to 25 times longer) than standard abrasive wheels while the specially formulated cermet tips and innovative tooth geometry ensure faster and sharper cutting that can resist more impacts. The on board sight lines and blade point of entry indicators make precise cuts much simpler and this machine even features a lower guard retraction lever.


  • Can cut through steel plate
  • Burr-free edges with no need for post cut finishing
  • Cermet tips and innovative tooth geometry



  • Heavier than some of its competitors



DEWALT DCS373B 20V Max Lithium Ion Metal Cutting Circular Saw

This lithium ion metal cutting circular saw from the popular and well known Dewalt brand has a 3700 RPM, 460 MWO motor that delivers impressive cutting speed and plenty of power to accommodate even the most demanding cuts easily.

The cutting blade is carbide tipped for cleaner cutting of a wide range of metal construction materials while the LED light with 20 second delay offers better visibility of the cutting line and material itself.

Thanks to the sight line window, there is an excellent view of the material while the steel shoe is incredibly durable and resistant to chip build up. This tool features an overmolded rubberized comfort grip for better control and balance for the user.

This is the ideal saw for cutting through all kinds of metals including metal plate, threaded rod and cold rolled pipe. This machine is also protected by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • LED light for better visibility
  • Durable steel shoe
  • Overmolded rubber grip for better control



  • Comes without a battery – must be purchased separately
  • Best for use on thinner materials



Makita 4131 7-1/4-Inch 13-AMP Metal Cutting Circular Saw

As you would expect from the well known, market leading Makita brand, this metal cutting circular saw is well constructed and powerful. With a 13 amp motor, it can cut with ease through all kinds of metal while the heavy duty blade cover offers even better protection and resistance against metal chips while delivering almost entirely spark free cutting.

The blades are cermet tipped for improved heat resistance, thus prolonging the life of the blade and the blade cover can be removed without the need for any tools for the user’s convenience.

Thanks to the large cutting capacity, it is possible to cut more material at a single pass and the result is metal pieces that have cool, burr-free edges for immediate handling after cutting. This metal saw is ideal for cutting through a wide variety of metallic materials including steel roofing, iron pipes and conduit and as it weighs just 10.6 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to handle and maneuver. This machine has a cut depth of 2.5 inches for even better cutting performance.


  • Cermet tipped blades for better heat resistance
  • Tool-less blade cover removal
  • Lightweight at just 10.6 pounds



  • Blade guard reduces visibility



MK Morse CSM9NXTB 9-Inch Metal Cutting Circular Saw

This 9 inch metal cutting circular saw from MK Morse is the perfect tool to use when cutting any kind of metallic material. Thanks to its high torque and low speed 15 amp motor, this tool is able to maximize the versatility and durability of cutting without ever compromising on quality thanks to the no load speed that goes up to 2700 RPM.

This model has sure grip handles allowing the user to enjoy steadier and better controlled cutting while virtually all of the metal chips produced during the cutting process are collected effectively in the upper chamber, which also serves to minimize and deaden sound.

With the integrated sight opening and guide arrows, it couldn’t be easier to position beveled cuts. This thoughtfully designed machine also features a side handle, length adjuster, laser guide, retracting blade guard, overload switch, wrench, metal chip collection cover, spindle lock, ear plugs and safety goggles as well as its own carrying case which makes storage and transportation of this tool a breeze.


  • Comes well equipped with many accessories
  • Sure grip handles for better cutting control
  • High torque, low speed 15 amp motor for better durability and versatility



  • Cannot be used with a diamond blade
  • Difficult to loosen or tighten


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