Best Mig Welders For Home Shop

If you are a keen DIY enthusiast who is eager to carry out a range of extensive projects around your home, whether for fun or to save money, you may need to think about investing in a MIG welder for home use. MIG welders use wire welding electrodes on a spool which are automatically fed at a chosen constant speed.

The arc, which is created by the electrical current that runs between the wire and the base metal, melts the wire, joining it to the base for a very strong weld with an attractive appearance. MIG welding is easy to achieve and clean, and is versatile enough to be used on both thick or thin plate metals. As it can weld materials at high speed, MIG welding is a great choice for a range of applications including auto body work, bicycle or lawnmower maintenance and general repairs.

If you are looking for the best MIG welder for home shop use, you will want to look for one that has good safety features such as thermal overload protection as well as an in-built solid state contactor circuit. If you need to find the best MIG welder for home shop use, we have compiled a selection of the top five units so that you can make an informed choice.


LONGEVITY Migweld 140 – 140 Amp Mig Welder Capable Of Flux-Core And Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding 110v

Operating on a standard 110 volt circuit, this MIG welder is ideal for home use and comes with a power plug ready installed. This powerful welder is able to weld up to 3.8″ of mild steel for versatility of use and as it shares the same consumables which can be easily found in local stores, it is very easy to use.

It comes complete with wire to get you started too. The unit can be either operated on gas or it can be used for flux core gasless welding for increased flexibility.

The Migweld 140 is also very portable and can be plugged in and used anywhere for extra convenience, with the versatility to weld aluminum as well as the option to use the add on spool gun for use with exotic metals. Offering an industrial strength performance, this tool is ideal for use by both experienced welders and beginner DIY enthusiasts who are just learning about MIG welding.


  • Portable and compatible with a standard 110 volt circuit
  • Industrial strength performance
  • Can be operated on gas or for fux core gasless welding



  • Regulator hose is quite short
  • Bulkier than some other models



Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

An ideal choice for the home workshop, this MIG welder can weld up to 1/8″ of mild steel. Able to weld both MIG and flux-cored, it plugs directly into a 115 volt household 20 amp outlet for extra convenience.

This product is effectively protected by a one year manufacturer’s warranty and as it is lightweight and compact in dimensions, it is perfect for hobby projects and home repairs when using light gauge mild steel.

This MIG welder is protected by excellent safety features including the cold contactor feature which ensures the welding wire is kept electrically cold until the trigger has been pressed. There is also an adjustable wire feed speed control. The kit comes complete with its cable assembly, a work cable with clamp, a gasless nozzle to use for flux-core welding, a gas regulator and gas nozzle, a hose for MIG welding.

Also a 1 pound spool of 0.035 inch flux cored wire, a two pound spool of 0.025 inch solid MIG wire, three 0.035 inch contact tips, a welding hand shields and a chipping hammer/brush. This MIG welder can be used virtually straight out of the box and is ideal for both experienced and novice users.


  • Plugs directly into a household 115 volt outlet
  • Excellent safety features including a cold contactor feature
  • Adjustable wire feed speed control



  • Chipping hammer not very effective
  • Supplied welding mask is very flimsy


Hobart 500553 Handler 210 MVP For Use with SpoolRunner 100

The Hobart Handler MIG welder brings users the best of both worlds with its multi voltage plug giving users the flexibility to either use a 115 volt household power outlet or a 230 volt power source without the need for any additional tools.

This product is effectively protected by the manufacturer’s Industrial warranty for peace of mind, and is a portable and rugged tool which delivers 210 amps of power in a small case. This MIG welder is simple to use and to set up in just a few minutes thanks to the handy set up guide which is including inside the cover.

It gives DIY enthusiasts the flexibility to tackle a number of projects including work on auto body panels, mower decks, exhaust systems, gun racks, law equipment, metal sculptures, fences, farm equipment and trailer frames.

It comes complete with a dual gauge regulator, gas hose, 10 foot work cable and clamp, power cord and plug, a sample spool of flux cored welding wire as well as contact tups, an 8″ wire spool adapter and an owner’s manual for extra convenience.


  • Flexibility to use either a 115 volt or 230 volt power source
  • Delivers 210 amos of power in a small case
  • Protected by a manufacturer’s warranty



  • Ground wire can be stiff
  • Very heavy model for carrying between job sites



Hot Max 125WFG 125 Amp Gas Ready MIG Welder

This MIG welder is ready to use with or without shielding gas. Able to weld up to 1/4 inch mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel, it is portable and operates on 120 v single phase power, which is the standard for a home workshop.

Fully MIG ready, it comes with a hose and Argon/CO2 regulator and features an adjustable wire feed together with adjustable voltage control which can even be altered during use.

This MIG welder is also pre-wired in the factory for the optimal spool gun so no conversion kit is required. As this unit can switch polarity easily, it is quick and simple to switch between flux core welding and gas welding, and as the ground clamp and MIG gun can be removed easily, this machine is able to be moved from job site to job site.

This machine also protects the user from accidental injury with a wire that is electrically cold when the welder is not in use as well as in-built thermal overload protection. The kit comes complete with a ground clamp and 9 foot cable, a MIG gun with a 10 foot hose, an Argon/CO2 regulator and 5 foot gas hose, two spools of flux core wire, three sizes of contact tips, a gas nozzle, 10 spool adapters and a driver roller which can fit wire between 0.25″ and 0.35″.


  • Quick polarity changes to switch between flux core and gas welding
  • Adjustable wire feed and adjustable voltage control
  • In-built thermal overload protection



  • Heavy to transport
  • Feed cannot be slowed down enough for 22 gauge steel



Forney 318 MIG Welder 180FI-A Flux Core Gas/No Gas, 230-Volt, 190-Amp

This MIG welder from Forney is easy to use and can be operated straight out of the box. Capable of welding aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel, it features multiple voltage settings for more accurate heat control.

With its powerful 230 volt output, it can tackle even larger jobs and the kit comes complete with a face shield, ground clamp, starter roll of flux core welding wire and a chipping hammer/brush combination.

Thanks to the integrated automatic thermal overload protection, the user is effectively protected in the event of a power surge or power source problems, while the internal cooling fan cools the unit even under extreme heat.

Suitable for both gas welding and flux-core welding, this unit gives 2.5 minutes of welding time on a ten minute interval at 120 amps. The product is also effectively protected by the manufacturer’s own warranty for the purchaser’s peace of mind.


  • Suitable for both gas and flux core welding
  • 230 volt output
  • Internal cooling fan and automatic thermal overload protection



  • Leads are quite short
  • Heavy to transport


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