Best Miter Saws For Trim Work

Trim work, sometimes known as moldings, is a functional detail that adds decorative value to your home. Giving the room detailing and a distinctive style, trim work also serves to hide joints that are between the ceilings, floors, walls, windows and doors that remain exposed through rough building techniques. There are numerous styles and patterns of trim work which can be produced from all kinds of hardwoods and softwoods so finding a type to match any room is a breeze.

A creative woodworker can use several types of wood in combination to create a build up molding that produces beautiful patterns in a trim work design. One of the best ways of producing trim work is to use a miter saw. A compound miter saw offers the flexibility and versatility to perform a range of tasks including carrying out effective trim work.

Today’s compound miter saws offer a range of impressive features such as inbuilt laser lines and ergonomically designed grips for easier and more comfortable use, making both amateur and professional woodworking a pleasure. If you are looking for the best miter saw for trim work, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing tools on the market so you can make an informed choice.


Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (21237)

Ideal for trim work, the Craftsman 10 inch compound miter saw is versatile and easy to use thanks to its 4800 RPM motor. Featuring a laser for more precise and more visible cutting, this saw is very lightweight for excellent portability and is capable of powering through a wide variety of materials including both hard and soft woods with tight corners and sharp edges.

One of the advantages to choosing this saw is its easily maintained smaller blades which can help to save money while cutting easily through materials up to 12″ in width.

This tool comes complete with several accessories including a dust bag to ensure that the interior workings remain dirt free, and a clamp which secures the tool to the work surface for more precision. The miter can adjust up to 50 degrees and with 60 carbide teeth, the blade has more bite than many of its competitors. As it is constructed from durable aluminum, it is light yet robust enough to handle all kinds of tasks.


  • Integrated laser for more precise cuts
  • Smaller blades for easy maintenance and better value for money
  • Integrated clamp for better security



  • Awkward operation of safety switch
  • Poor quality laser



DEWALT DW713 15 Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

For quick and accurate cutting and beautiful trim work, this 10″ compound miter saw from the popular Dewalt brand has a powerful 15 amp motor which can deliver an effective no load speed of 5000 RPM for powering through all kinds of materials.

The miter detent plate features 11 positive stops for maximum versatility and it is made from stainless steel for extra durability. There is also an easily adjustable cam lock miter handle as well as a taller fence which allows for the cutting of oversized moldings.

This tool comes fully equipped with a durable carbide plate, an integrated dust bag to ensure the saw’s inner working remain dirt free and a blade wrench. Designed for the delivery of accurate a quick bevel cuts, this saw can cut up to 48 degrees to the left and can cut through lumber that measures up to 2 x 6″. Weighing just 35 lbs, this tool also has a carrying handle built in so that it is very portable and purchasers also benefit from a three year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Lightweight with an integrated carry handle
  • 11 positive stops for excellent versatility
  • Taller fence allows for cutting of larger moldings



  • No integrated laser
  • No integrated clamp



Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

This lightweight Hitachi compound miter saw weighs just 26.5 pounds making it very portable and easy to maneuver. Offering professional level cutting power, this saw has a powerful 15 amp motor together with a horizontal handle that reduces vibrations for better user comfort and control. Thanks to the integrated laser marker, sightlines are clearer and the user enjoys better visibility for more precise cuts.

Providing accurate and smooth crosscuts and miters across all kinds of materials such as plywood, fiberboard, hardboard and aluminum, this saw’s compound cutting capability and flexible miter angles gives excellent versatility during cutting tasks.

The onboard dust collector ensures that the interior components of the saw remain dirt free and the positive miter stops are thumb activated for ease of use when carrying out trim work. The extendable flip fence can raise up to 4″ allowing for the cutting of larger workpieces up to a height of 2 5/16″. The powerful 15 amp motor operates at 5000 RPM and the entire tool is effectively protected by the manufacturer’s five year warranty for complete peace of mind for the purchaser.


  • 5 year industry leading warranty
  • Thumb activated miter stops
  • Integrated dust collector



  • Small table area when compared to other brands
  • Awkward to change blades



Jet JMS-10CMS 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

This compound miter saw from the Jet brand features dual rubber grip carry handles to allow for it to be transported easily from place to place, and thanks to its die cast design from lightweight yet robust aluminum it is very portable.

The versatile base allows the tool to be mounted to a work bench or stand and the aluminum die cast table guarantees a long lifespan. The integrated hold down clamp can be tightened to secure the workpiece for more accurate cutting.

While the ergonomically designed, oversized knobs give the user better control and easier usage. This tool also features an innovative Green Xacta Laser which gives excellent visibility for performing precision cuts and the up front controls guarantee user safety while improving ease of use.

The D shaped handle has been ergonomically designed with an overmolded design for maximum control and the Quick cam miter lock is able to be easily adjusted to stop at 9 different detents up to 45 degrees. The 15 amp motor is powerful, operating at 4800 RPM ensuring excellent cutting for all kinds of applications.


  • Integrated laser for better visibility
  • 9 different detent positions
  • Integrated clamp for securing the tool to the workbench



  • Poor quality dust collection bag
  • Stop lock lever is made from plastic and may have a shorter lifespan



Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter saw

With its powerful 15 amp motor, this high quality miter saw operates at 4600 RPM for even better performance and will never slip like a belt driven unit. With its electronic speed control, it is possible to maintain a constant speed, even under load, while the integrated soft start technology ensures smoother start ups.

Thanks to its dual post compound pivot arm, it is possible to use this tool to make bevel cuts at up to 45 degrees to the left and up to 52 degrees to the right, and there are 9 positive miter stops allowing for excellent flexibility.

With an engineered aluminum base, accurate cutting is extremely easy and the integrated fluorescent light illuminates your work surface effectively. Weighing just 27.3 lbs, its compact size and lightweight maneuverability makes this an efficient and convenient tool. Purchasers can also benefit from a full one year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Lightweight at just 27.3 pounds
  • Electronic speed control and incorporated soft start technology
  • Powerful 15 amp motor operating at 4600 RPM



  • Noisy to operate
  • No work support extensions supplied


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