Best Paint Sprayers For Ceilings

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast carrying out a bit of home redecoration or a professional painter who is looking for the quickest and easiest way to paint ceilings, a paint sprayer is a great piece of equipment to add to your workshop. Paint sprayers represent one of the simplest and speediest ways to cover a large area with paint in a short space of time, and are especially useful if you are painting a ceiling since they are some of the trickiest spaces to paint.

Using a paint sprayer will also help you to avoid having to use a ladder and will therefore improve your safety while carrying out redecoration work in your home. Paint sprayers are ideal for use on all kinds of ceilings from stucco and plaster to wood and can be used on both traditional flat or popcorn style ceilings.

If you are looking for the best paint sprayer for ceilings, you will probably want to choose a product that has variable nozzles and a variable flow trigger which is ideal for creating different professional looking finishes. When it comes to choosing the best paint sprayer for ceilings, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing units on the market to help you make an informed choice.


Wagner 0520000 Power Tex Texture Sprayer

This paint sprayer has an in-built air turbine that produces sufficient power to spray texture on an entire ceiling with no need for a long air hose or separate air compressor. This sprayer works with any kind of texture material and comes with three nozzles for achieving a range of looks including orange peel, popcorn or knockdown textures.

This all in one device can also be used for smaller touch up jobs and as it features the brand’s Lock-n-Go technology it is quick and easy to set up without the need for any extra tools. This kit comes complete with a 1 gallon hopper, a small, medium and large nozzle, lubricant and a cleaning brush for extra convenience and value for money.

The one gallon hopper easily adjusts between two positions to add texturing to walls and ceilings without the need for an adapter and thanks to its 3 point stand, the unit remains stable to make refilling it a breeze. There is also an in-built arm rest for extra user comfort during work. Quick and easy to clean, this product is also protected by a 1 year warranty.


  • Lock-n-Go technology for quick setups
  • Comes with 3 nozzles for different effects
  • Easily adjustable hopper with 3 point stand for extra stability



  • Quite heavy to use
  • It can be tricky to get the consistency of the mix right to use with this sprayer



5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

This airless paint sprayer kit features a 3000 PSI piston pump to produce high pressure and obtain better coverage. It comes with an adjustable pressure control system that is activated via an easy twist knob for better user convenience and ease of use.

Thanks to its stainless steel paint it is extremely easy to clean when work is complete and will never corrode or rust over time for a long useful lifespan. Lightweight to use at just 24 lbs, this spray gun will not cause excessive user fatigue even when used for longer periods and is also very durable for extra robustness.

It has an in-built filter as well as a trigger lock for easier cleaning and flushing while its nozzle has a fan width of 12″ to 16″. Providing enough power to tackle larger projects like ceilings, walls, decks, frames and doors, this versatile paint sprayer can pump straight from either a 1 or a 5 gallon bucket for even easier clean ups and it has an adjustable pressure range of between 1000 and 3000 PSI for more rapid project completion.


  • Lightweight at just 24 pounds
  • 3000 PSI piston pump for improved coverage
  • Easy twist knob for adjustable pressure control



  • Very stiff hose
  • Best for use on smaller jobs



Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II Electric Paint Sprayer

This electric paint sprayer from Graco is perfect for a range of projects such as ceilings, walls, shutter, doors, railings, decks and furniture without the need for any thinning.

Its Tilt-N-Spray pendulum suction tube offers a full range of spraying motion either down, sideways or upwards without ever losing prime and the sprayer comes complete with a TrueCoat reversible tip, a 32 ounce cup, 5 liners, start up tool/pump armor storage, a storage case and an instructional DVD.

This sprayer is compatible with a wide range of coatings including acrylics, stains and heavy latex while its proprietary piston pump design ensures a professional finish. Quick and easy to clean and to set up, this user friendly sprayer comes fully assembled for immediate use right out of the box and with its adjustable pressure, it is versatile enough to handle a range of tasks. The patented ProSpray technology ensures an even and consistent spray pattern while the integrated guard and tip shuts off fluid at the tip to reduce spitting.


  • Comes fully assembled for immediate use
  • ProSpray technology for a consistent spray pattern
  • Tilt-N-Spray suction tube for a full range of spraying motion in all directions



  • Can be tricky to clean after use
  • Frequent refills will be necessary for larger projects



Graco Magnum 262805 X7 HiBoy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

This airless paint sprayer from Graco has fully adjustable pressure for even better user control of the paint flow for all sizes of project. Its stainless steel piston pump enables users to spray unthinned paint at high pressure while its flexible suction tube enables spraying direct from either a 1 or a 5 gallon paint bucket for extra convenience.

This sprayer also features a PowerFlush adapter which can connect to a garden hose to allow for faster and easier cleaning after use. This product supports up to 100 feet of paint hose which also makes this an ideal sprayer for exterior painting of larger homes.

Also the RAC IV SwitchTip allows the user to reverse its tip whenever it becomes clogged to allow for longer spraying periods with less downtime to get the job finished more rapidly. This sprayer is also compatible with all kinds of coating from heavy latex to stains.


  • Flexible suction tube for spraying direct from the paint bucket
  • Stainless steel piston pump for spraying of unthinned paint at high pressure
  • Adjustable pressure for better user control



  • Spray pattern is quite large
  • Hose can tangle easily



PaintWIZ PW25000 MAX Paint Sprayer

The PaintWIZ PW25000 MAX paint sprayer features 3 spray patterns which can be adjusted by simply rotating the spray tip in order to choose from round, vertical or horizontal patterns for extra versatility in projects.

With its powerful turbine, this sprayer can also spray latex as well as a range of thinner coatings and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, being able to finish a paint job four times more quickly than by using a roller or brush.

Its 20 foot high flex air hose allows the user to extend their range to allow for ceilings to be painted with ease and this kit comes complete with a 1.3 liter cup, an additional nozzle, paint strainers, a viscosity cup and a cleaning brush for extra convenience and value for money.

The PaintWIZ MAX paint sprayer turbine is powerful and yet very lightweight and can be set up in minutes for faster use. Its adjustable spray maximizes coverage and produces a professional finish while the turbine has been installed with an air filter for a longer motor life. This product is also protected by a 12 month warranty for extra peace of mind.


  • 3 spray patterns for extra versatility
  • 20 foot high flex air hose for longer reach
  • Powerful turbine with air filter for a longer motor life



  • Only one air adjustment
  • Wide hose can be difficult to keep straight


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