Best Paint Sprayers For Deck Stain

If you are hoping to save money by spraying your own decking, you will probably be considering investing in a paint sprayer. This useful and versatile tool is an excellent addition to your workshop and will enable you to get the tricky task of deck painting finished in a much shorter space of time when compared to using a brush, especially if you have a large decking area to cover.

You can use either a regular hand-held sprayer or an airless sprayer to achieve good results when staining your deck and to obtain an attractive, professional-looking, even finish. For a smaller deck, a simple pump-style sprayer will be adequate to get the job done, however if you have an especially large deck, a heavier duty model will be the best paint sprayer for deck stain.

A unit with an adjustable nozzle is also a good idea so that you can achieve a range of finishes. If you are looking for the best paint sprayer for deck stain, we have compiled a selection of the top five performing products on the market today so that you can compare their specifications and features at a glance and make an informed decision about which is the right one for you.


Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

This high quality double duty paint sprayer from Wagner features replaceable filters which keep particles out of the paint as well as a variable flow trigger which can help the user to control the paint flow to perfectly suit the task in hand.

With its 1 1/2 quart cup, it is ideally suited to larger projects and as it can be used both outdoors and indoors it is a versatile addition to your workshop.

Compatible with many paints, sealers and stains, this is a great choice for deck spraying and with its three patterns – round, vertical fan and horizontal fan, it is flexible and versatile. Its Lock-N-Go technology allows for rapid material changes while its HVLP technology ensures optimal control with patterns from 1″ up to 10″ for a fine and professional finish.

Its two stage rated air turbine ensures a continuous material flow and the sprayer can be set up quickly in under 5 minutes, with clean ups as quick as under 10 minutes. User friendly, this paint sprayer is durable and made by a high quality company for a long lifespan.


  • Lock-N-Go technology for fast material changes
  • Variable trigger with three patterns up to 10 inches
  • 2 stage rated air turbine for continuous flow of material



  • Angle of spray cannot be adjusted
  • Heavy to use for prolonged periods



Graco 16N673 TrueCoat Pro II Electric Paint Sprayer

This electric paint sprayer is ideal for a range of projects from deck staining to painting ceilings, walls, furniture, garage doors and railings with no thinning required.

Its Tilt-N-Spray pendulum suction tube ensures a complete range of spraying motion in all directions without losing prime and the kit comes complete with a TrueCoat reversible tip, a 32 ounce cup and cover, 5 liners, start up tool/pump armor storage, a storage case for convenient transportation and storage and an instructional DVD.

Suitable for use with all kinds of coatings from acrylics and heavy latex to stains, this airless sprayer has been designed with ProSpray technology including Graco’s piston pump design for a more professional finish. With its quick and easy set up, this sprayer is user friendly and as it comes fully assembled, it is ready to use straight out of the box. With its even and consistent spray pattern, this paint sprayer allows for one pass coverage for a faster finish and thanks to the integrated guard and tip which shuts fluid off at the tip there is reduced spitting.


  • ProSpray technology for a professional finish and a consistent spray pattern
  • Tilt-N-Spray pendulum suction tube for spraying motion in all directions
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of coverings including stain



  • Can be difficult to clean after use
  • Frequent refills are necessary on larger projects



Graco Magnum 17G180 ProX19 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

With a maximum delivery rating of 0.38 gallons per minute, this paint sprayer from Graco can directly pump from either a 1 gallon or 5 gallon paint container for extra convenience, and with its maximum operating pressure of 3000 psi, it gets your paint job done more quickly.

This paint sprayer is compatible with a wide range of coatings including acrylics, heavy latex and stains making this ideal for deck spraying projects. This is a professional quality product designed for use by remodelers, property maintainers and general contractors and can spray unthinned primer, stains and paint for both exterior and interior projects.

Thanks to it durable and compact cart design, the sprayer is simple to move around the job site and can be quickly stored away afterwards by folding down its handle to save on space. Thanks to its adjustable pressure settings, it is easy to set and control the most appropriate paint flor for your chosen application while the InstaClean pump filter has extra filtration to cut down on tip clogging for less downtime and a more consistent spray pattern.


  • Power Flush adapter connects to the garden hose for a quicker and easier clean up after work
  • Can pump direct from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket
  • Compact and durable with a folding handle for convenient transportation and storage



  • Only comes with one nozzle
  • Expensive when compared with its rivals



Wagner 0417005 Control Spray HVLP Sprayer

This Wagner HVLP paint sprayer has a spray tip which can adjust through three positions to achieve optimal user control to suit each project perfectly. Its integrated air turbine is powerful enough to complete the job in a short space of time and to a professional standard which the replaceable filters keep any particles out of the paint.

This is the ideal sprayer to use when spraying thin materials like sealers and stains, making it ideal for deck spraying projects and thanks to its three pattern shapes and low overspray, it is easy to use and versatile to accommodate a range of tasks.

With its outdoor rated air turbine, this sprayer ensures a continuous material flow and a fine professional finish with a choice of either a vertical fan, horizontal fan or a round pattern shape to finish the job more rapidly and with even coverage. The variable trigger allows the user to alter the spray between 1/2″ and 6″ wide patterns and with set up taking less than five minutes and clean ups after work taking less than 10 minutes, this is a convenient and simple paint sprayer for home use.


  • Variable trigger which can be adjusted between 1/2″ and 6″ patterns
  • Three pattern shapes for greater flexibility
  • Outdoor rated air turbine with continual material flow and a professional finish



  • Not ideal for spraying paints that do not require thinning
  • Quite time consuming to clean



Krause & Becker 5/8 HP 3000 PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

With its 3000 PSI piston pump, this airless paint sprayer ensures continual high pressure for a more even coverage and more professional finish for your spraying project. With its easy twist knob it is simple to adjust the pressure to perfectly suit the task in hand while its stainless steel paint pick up is simple to clean and will never corrode or rust for greater durability and a longer useful lifespan.

This durable spray gun is lightweight at just 24 pounds for reduced user fatigue even during extended periods of use and thanks to its trigger lock and in-built filter, it can be quickly and easily flushed and cleaned for less downtime.

Its nozzle has a 12″ to 16″ fan width to get the job done more quickly, making this the ideal tool with which to tackle larger projects such as spraying decks, ceilings, doors, frames and exterior walls. As it can pump directly from a 1 gallon or a 5 gallon bucket, it is convenient to use and produces less mess to clean up once work is complete.


  • Lightweight at just 24 lbs
  • Easy twist knob for easy pressure adjustments
  • 12″ to 16″ fan for faster results



  • Hose is quite stiff
  • An additional platform will be required to pump from a 5 gallon bucket


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