5 of the Best Pass Through Socket Sets in 2019

Whether you are a mechanic or a DIY enthusiast you will require a good quality socket set, however it can be hard to know which is the right one to choose.

While they may all seem to be pretty similar, apart from the number of pieces contained in each set, there are actually a number of differences when it comes to the features of the cases, sockets and ratchets.

Socket sets tend to start at around 25 pieces and go up to around 128, and the number of sockets you require will depend very much on the projects that you are intending to tackle.

Even though a standard ratcheting wrench is suited to many jobs if you are doing some DIY or automotive work that involves working with deeply set fasteners or extra long bolts, you will probably benefit from using a pass through socket set.

The best pass through socket set is one that come with a ratchet that is well balanced and easy to turn and which provides the facility to grip multiple types of fasteners.

If you are looking for the best pass through socket set, we have compiled a selection of the five top performing products on the market today so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Top 5 Pass Through Socket Sets

1. Crescent CX6PT20 20 Piece Set

The innovative design of this socket set allows the user to grip six different fastener types – hex, 12pt, square, partially rounded hex, spline and external torx.

Working over long threaded rods where normal ratchets cannot fit, this socket set features laser-etched sizing so that you can quickly and easily find the most appropriate size to meet your needs.

With 20 pieces in the set, this kit can accommodate the needs of many projects and every pass through socket replaces a standard and a deep socket.

There is also a 3/8″ adapter included in the set which enables use with standard square drive sockets.

As this product is made by a high quality manufacturer, you can also rest assured that you are purchasing a socket set that has been designed for a long lifespan and excellent durability.


  • Laser etched sizing to allow for quick and easy finding of sizes
  • Grips 6 different fastener types for greater versatility
  • Comes with a 3/8″ adapter for use with standard square drive sockets


  • A bulky carrying case and the holder tray can be difficult to remove tools from
  • The finish will peel off over time

2. Craftsman 19 Piece Universal Set with Storage Rack

With its pass through system, this socket set delivers deeper than deep well torque and makes turning nuts down threaded rods much easier. Its spline geometry can work with a number of fastener types including rounded, external Torx, spine, 12 point, 6 point and 4 point.

Finished with a black oxide coating, it protects effectively against rust and corrosion for greater durability and a longer lifespan, while its smooth polished surface cuts back on any friction against the work surface.

This set also comes with socket rails and a handy storage rack that keeps your tools well organised and easy to find.

Suitable for use for a broad range of automotive and domestic tasks this socket set is designed to grab firmly turn after turn to accomplish the task at hand more rapidly and efficiently.

Made from high tensile strength alloyed steel, this kit features a load dispersing ridge pattern and can handle 40% more torque than its competition.

This kit contains 19 different pieces, making it a flexible choice for tackling a greater variety of jobs.


  • Comes with a storage rack and socket rails for tool organization
  • Made from high tensile steel and featuring a load dispersing ridge pattern
  • Black oxide coating for protection against corrosion and rust


  • No extensions
  • Pass through is too small for some jobs

3. Bostitch BTMT72287 65 Piece Pass Thru Set

The socket set comes complete with a heavy duty ratchet with a 72 tooth gear system and a pass through design. The rubber grip on the handle of the ratchet ensures that the user can effectively grip and use the tool without the risk of dropping it or hurting their hands.

Thanks to its chrome vanadium steel construction, this kit is also robust and durable, and has been made to last with a long useful lifespan.

Built with durable stamped size markings, it is very quick and easy to see at a glance which is the most appropriate sized socket for the task in hand.

The ratchet’s 72 tooth gear system ensures high torque ratcheting as well as better accessibility in tight spaces and low arc swing. Its pass through design ensure that you can access any fasteners that cannot be reached by deep sockets for more convenient usage.

This kit also comes complete with a durable blow mold case so that the socket kit is effectively protected from corrosion, loss and damage while also remaining easy to storage and to transport between jobs.

It is also protected by a lifetime warranty for the purchaser’s complete peace of mind.


  • Rubber handle grip for better user comfort and control
  • 72 tooth gear system for high torque ratcheting, better accessibility and low arc swing
  • Comes complete with a case to protect against loss and damage


  • Sockets are difficult to get out of the extender
  • Ratchet reverse lever is not recessed and therefore can be tricky to use in a tight space

4. GearWrench 891226 25 Piece Set with Locking Flex-Head

This kit features 1/2″ drive sockets with an exclusive ratchet system and pass thru socket meaning that there is no need for deep sockets.

The locking flex head has adjustable angles for improved access while its longer sockets ensure a better reach and improved torque.

Their set also includes a 6″ hollow extension as well as a 1/2″ quick release adapter.

The GearWrench pass through sockets are guaranteed to work where deep sockets cannot and each one replaces one standard and one deep socket, with the pass through system working over long threaded rod where a normal socket and ratchet cannot fit.

The ratchet handles are also half the thickness of a conventional ratchet system and this too enables the user to obtain greater access to hard to reach spots.

The adapters that are included also allow the user to work with standard square drive sockets for maximum versatility.

As the tang has been eliminated from the drive system, the strength of this product has also been improved by 40%.


  • 40% stronger than other similar products thanks to the elimination of the tang from the drive system
  • Comes with a 1/2″ quick release adapter and 6″ hollow extension
  • 50% thinner than rival products giving greater access to tight spaces


  • Ratchet may reverse when used quickly under stress
  • Extensions do not always fit into tight clearance areas

5. Husky 28 Piece Universal Thru-Ratchet Set

This universal thru-ratchet from Husky is quick and easy to place onto fasteners and also features large size markings so that the user can quickly and easily select the most appropriate socket for the task at hand.

Containing 28 pieces in the set, this kit is suitable for use for all kinds of projects and as it is made from durable and robust chrome vanadium steel, it also enjoys a longer useful lifespan.

Thanks to its professional chrome finish, it can be cleaned easily with just a quick wipe down for extra user convenience.

This kit also comes complete with a 3 inch extension, a 3/8″ drive through ratchet and 1/4″ and /8″ socket adapters for extra convenience and value for money.


  • Made from chrome vanadium steel for a long lifespan and extra durability
  • Professional chrome finish for easy cleaning after use
  • Large size markings so the user can see straight away which one is the right one for the task at hand


  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Ratchet difficult to remove from packaging


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