Best Soldering Irons For Stained Glass

Stained glass is a beautiful art form, and producing it is a popular hobby. Often used in making windows, lampshades and other decorative objects, stained glass is also commonly used in making attractive boxes, clocks, picture frames and cabinet doors. Whether you are new to the hobby of stained glass making or are already experienced in the art, you will be aware that a stained glass soldering iron is an essential party of any stained glass kit.

There are many different models on the market today, however it is very important to choose the right one to suit your needs to produce the best possible results. Some of the things that you need to consider when choosing the best soldering iron for stained glass include finding one with a heat resistant handle that is comfortable to hold and which feels balanced and of a medium weight to reduce user fatigue when used for extended periods.

It must also be capable of generating a continuous appropriate level of heat to melt the solder that you plan to work with and which generates a minimum of 60 watts. When it comes to choosing the best soldering iron for stained glass, we have compiled a selection of the top 5 performing products on the market to help you to make an informed decision.


Weller WLC200 80-Watt Stained Glass Soldering Station

This stained glass soldering station really stands out from the crowd for its use in stained glass soldering applications. Its many excellent features include a variable power control which can be adjusted between 5 and 80 watts for maximum user control and flexibility of use.

Also thanks to its on/off switch power on indicator, the user is well protected against accidental burns. Capable of operating with either MTG20, 21 or 22 tips, this tool experiences no cold spots for a more continuous source of heat.

With its cushioned foam grip, this is a comfortable tool to use for extended periods and it also comes with a replaceable heating element for a longer useful lifespan. Lightweight, with its pencil-like design, this is a simple and precise soldering iron to use for producing stained glass and produces very high quality results. It also comes with a safety guard iron holder as well as a sponge tip cleaning pad, and the entire product is effectively protected by a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind.


  • Comfortable and lightweight to use
  • Operates with MTG20, 21 and 22 tips
  • Variable power control between 5 and 80 watts



  • Will take longer to complete a project than a 120 watt soldering iron
  • Does not come with a 1/4″ tip



Weller W100PG Weller Fahrenheit Heavy Duty Soldering Iron with CT6F7 Tip, 100 Watt, 700 Degree

Using a closed loop method, this heavy duty soldering iron from Weller allows the user to have excellent control over the maximum tip temperature for more accurate and precise soldering.

Its stainless steel modular plug in heater allows the user even greater versatility of use along with better efficiency making this the ideal soldering iron for all stained glass projects.

This soldering iron has a CT6F7 tip and operates up to an impressive 700 degrees, using 100 watts of power. With its Nichrome wound heating element, this is a good choice for both amateur hobbyists and professional stained glass artists alike, able to maintain a steady temperature that is so essential to a professional finish when working with this art form.

Cheap to run, this affordable soldering iron heats up very quickly and is also very lightweight at just 9.6 ounces. This means that the user can operate the soldering iron for longer periods without experiencing any extra fatigue for quicker results.


  • Reaches its temperature very quickly
  • Ideal for beginners as its thermostatic control means there is no need to adjust the temperature during soldering
  • Lightweight at 9.6 ounces



  • Takes a long time to cool down after use
  • Handle can get hot during use



Hakko FX601-02 Adjustable Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron, 67 Watts

This pen style soldering iron from Hakko is ideal for use during stained glass soldering operations thanks to its electronic adjustable closed loop temperature control system which enables the user to effectively dial in their chosen temperature to perfectly suit their project for even better precision and accuracy.

Thanks to the temperature control sensor inside the unit’s heater, a consistent level of heat is ensured throughout operation, avoiding cold spots which is so important when using a soldering iron for this type of artwork.

The handpiece has been ergonomically designed and is slender making it even more comfortable to use for an extended period, and thanks to its durable and robust construction, it also enjoys a long lifespan. Perfect for use on soldering projects which require a long reach or mobility, this product features advanced electronic controls as well as an efficiency ceramic heater for better stability and improved accuracy.


  • Ergonomically designed slender handpiece
  • Consistent level of heat thanks to temperature control sensor
  • Electronic closed loop adjustable temperature control system



  • Settings are in Celsius, which can be tricky to convert
  • Heavy cord can make it more difficult to control



Weller W1140a Stained Glass Soldering Iron

Designed specifically for use on stained glass projects, this high quality soldering iron from Weller can heat up to 1000 degrees for excellent performance, even on more demanding projects such as producing lamps.

Its iron clad chisel tip is perfectly designed to produce accurate and precise results for a more professional finish.

Operating at 45 watts, this unit has a cord length of 5 feet and heats up extremely quickly for faster results, and as it only weighs 3.2 ounces, it is incredibly lightweight. This means that the user can operate the unit constantly over an extended period without suffering from any excessive fatigue.

Producing the same amount of heat as many much heavier and bulkier products, this soldering iron is an excellent choice for amateur use as it is not a temperature controlled product and therefore does not require the user to change the temperature settings throughout use.


  • Produces a very high temperature for flexibility of use across a range of projects
  • Lightweight at just 3.2 ounces
  • Heats up very rapidly for faster results



  • Does not have a temperature control for greater precision
  • May get too hot for use on some projects



TasiHome 60W Soldering Iron Kit

This high quality soldering iron is extremely easy to use thanks to its patented design, making it a good choice for those who are new to stained glass artwork. Its high quality assembly enjoys a greater durability and a long lifespan.

Thanks to its functional and eco-friendly transparent handle cover, the user can handle this soldering iron for longer periods, and as it fits into the hand very comfortably, it will not cause any excessive user fatigue.

The handle also remains cool for better protected against accidental burns and its closed loop heating element and improved temperature insulation reduces heat transfer to the handle. This product is also energy efficient and offers simple temperature controls for a more stable and constant temperature throughout use.

It can be adjusted between 392 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees Fahrenheit for greater flexibility of use. This iron also comes complete with an anti-static lead and extra tips for better value and convenience as well as an anti-static crocodile clip to ground the unit and to protect it from damage.


  • Cool handle to protect against accidental burns
  • Adjustable temperature control for greater flexibility
  • Anti-static lead and crocodile clip for better user safety



  • No on/off switch
  • Grounding lead and clip are not detachable and may get in the way


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