Best Welding Helmets Under $100

Whether you are a keen DIY enthusiast or a professional, if you are carrying out some welding you will want to be certain that you are well protected. Welding can be a dangerous activity and so you need to take care to shield your eyes and face from the heat and bright light. There are many types of welding helmet on the market today and it can be difficult to choose the best one to meet your needs.

Of course, as a minimum you should always choose one that meets the minimum required safety standards, however there are many other features which you might want to consider such as auto-darkening which protects more effectively against flash burn. Matters can be complicated when it comes to choosing a welding helmet if price is a major consideration.

Luckily, the good news is that even if you are on a low budget, there are plenty of excellent options available that will keep you safe and protected while you work. If you are looking for the best welding helmet under $100, we have brought together a selection of the top five performing helmets on the market today from some of the best manufacturers. You can compare their features at a glance and make a decision about which is the right one for you.


Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with AntFi X60-2 Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13

If you are looking for the best welding helmet under 100, this affordable option from Antra is a great choice. Suitable for use during all kinds of welding applications including MMA, Plasma Applications, TIG and MIG welding, it also has a grinding feature for extra flexibility of use.

The viewing size is large giving great visibility to the user and this helmet also features four premium sensors which are controlled by a smart chip for even better functionality and faster response time to electric arcs.

This helmet is also suitably lightweight making it easier and more comfortable to wear for longer periods of work, whether working on a cutting, grinding or welding application. Other excellent features of this model include the cheater lens/magnifying lens compatible design and the step-less delay with an adjustable sensitivity knob to suit all major welding uses. Another handy feature is the power off delay which keeps the filter alive for ten minutes in a dark environment before finally switching off.


  • Power off delay feature
  • Four sensors controlled by a smart chip
  • Large viewing window



  • Not suited to industrial applications
  • No suitable for overhead welding


Instapark ADF Series GX-350S Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Adjustable Shade Range #9 – #13

This cutting edge solar powered welding helmet has an auto-darkening filter with dual arc sensors which can switch from light to dark in just 1/15000 seconds for a more rapid response reducing the need to flip the helmet up and down between tasks. While this cuts back on downtime, it also reduces the need to rework or grind as it allows for better torch placement accuracy.

Thanks to the improved optics, eye fatigue of the user is minimized and the large viewing area has a variable shade adjustment from #9 to #13 with a resting shade of #4.

This helmet is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including stick welding, MIG and TIG welding. This helmet meets minimum safety standards and is made from composite materials that are lightweight and ergonomically designed for better wearer comfort, even for extended periods. The ratcheting headband is padded inside for increased comfort while the filter has complete UV/IR protection for the wearer’s safety. This helmet is also protected by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.


  • Auto darkening filter with dual arc sensors for extra rapid response
  • Made from lightweight and ergonomically designed composite materials for better comfort
  • Ratcheting padded headband



  • Head band is quite small
  • Lack of padding can mean that this helmet can feel uncomfortable when worn for longer periods



AUDEW Adjustable Auto Darkening Solar Welding Helmet Eagle CE ANSI Certified

This automatically darkening helmet from Audew has been designed to protect the face and eyes from splashes, sparks and harmful radiation as well as flashes.

Ideal for use in high temperature soldering applications, this helmet protects the whole head and is also suited to grinding and welding task.

The wide viewing area allows for excellent visibility of the task in hand and as the automatic mask is fully automatic there is no need for the wearer to make any adjustments, adding to its convenience.

The reaction time of this helmet is less than 1/30000 seconds making it extremely sensitive to light for better eye protection. This adaptable product is also suitable for use by both right handed and left handed users.


  • Large viewing window for better visibility
  • Auto darkening reaction time of under 1/30000 seconds
  • Suitable for both right and left handed users



  • Quite a narrow fit
  • Quite small viewing window



Flexzion Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This universal auto-darkening welding helmet from Flexzion represents good value for money, being made from high quality, strong materials that are resistant to fire. With its fashionable and attractive appearance, this helmet has also been designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods.

With adjustable delay time and light sensitivity, this versatile helmet is suitable to be worn for a wide range of welding applications, and thanks to its advanced circuit design, it works immediately that work begins.

Thanks to the auto-darkening filter, there is reduced downtime as there is less need to flip the helmet up and down between placements of the torch, and this also boosts your productivity and ensures more accurate torch placement meaning that there is a reduced need for rework and grinding.

Suitable for use in a range of applications including gas, arc and electro welding, this helmet features high performance solar cells and a lithium battery as well as a high definition protective filter than offers permanent UV/IR protection.


  • Stylish and fashionable design
  • Adjustable light sensitivity
  • Auto darkening filter for reduced downtime and higher productivity



  • Quite small viewing window
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods due to lack of padding



Fibre-Metal by Honeywell Piperliner Welding Helmet – Fiberglass, White, 2″ x 4″ Shade 10, Rubber Headband (110PWE)

This fiberglass welding helmet from Honeywell Piperliner sets the industry standard for pipe welding. Its specially formulated high quality SuperGlas Plus material construction is incredibly robust and rugged, designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding welding environment.

Its self-extinguishing, smooth surface effectively deflects spatter and sparks while remaining resistant to impacts and impervious to moisture without splitting, cracking or chipping.

Thanks to its compact design, this helmet can allow the wearer access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible in a regular helmet and its constant-fit rubber headband allows for frequent re-adjustments for better wearer comfort. Made in the USA, this high quality and durable helmet is the ideal choice to be worn for a wide range of welding applications and guarantees the better safety of the wearer.


  • Sets the industry standard for pipe welding
  • Compact design allows better access to small spaces than a regular sized helmet
  • Constant fit rubber headband can be frequently re-adjusted to improve the wearer’s comfort during wear



  • Elongated neck cover can be somewhat uncomfortable
  • Has a rubber strap instead of a knob tightening plate


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